What is the Islamic State (IS)? Easy-to-Understand the Middle East ...

Al-Qaida | international terrorism handbook (Web version)

What is the Islamic State (IS)? Easy-to-Understand the Middle East ... Mainly Western countries and the Sunni extremist organization, which claims the terrorism against Israel. The United States and its allies as the main point of attack claimed the global jihad]. Also known as: The Base, Al Qaeda, Islamic Salvation Foundation, The Group for the Preservation of the Holy Sites, The Islamic Army for the Liberation of Holy Places, The World Islamic Front for Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders, Usama Bin Laden Network, Usama Bin Laden Organization , Al Qa'ida, l Qa'ida / Islamic Army, Qa'idat al-Jihad Date of establishment Months and years Activity purpose attack A activities purpose To reconstruction the Caliphate State] (Note) (Note). As means for achieving the same objective, it has claimed a so-called Global jihad] Note. Lee attack (A) [Zionist crusade] (Note) Israel, the United States and US allies. In some cases [western Crusaders] or simply referred to as [west. Also referred to as [out of the enemy] (Note). [Al-Qaeda] is regarded as a particularly attacked the highest priority in the US Among the [Zionist crusade] (Note).

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