What is the Islamic State (IS)? Easy-to-Understand the Middle East ...

Offensive of [Islamic State]

What is the Islamic State (IS)? Easy-to-Understand the Middle East ... Rapidly Islamic extremists there and while expanding organization [Islamic State] in the Middle East has recently not only the Middle East, and Asia of Islamic, there is also directly to other regions of the world, while influence of indirect. This organization has been formed in the Middle East before about a five years, this one, during the two years, has expanded its influence in no time at all. As also reported in the media, there is also a non-humane and extreme behavior such as beheading, it has now become a presence to draw strong attention of the international community. Something through such activities, whether this organization is aimed at what ultimately, also the background of the rapid expansion. Here I would like to mentioned about the various points that went do this. From Iraq to Syria Two before and after the year 2000, the person with the Islamic fundamentalist thought in the Jordanian Afghanistan the way home, Abu Mus Abu monkey car Wie, who formed one of the Islamic extremist group.

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