What is the Islamic State (IS)? Easy-to-Understand the Middle East ...

Reveal the identity of the Syrian civil war Islamic countries

What is the Islamic State (IS)? Easy-to-Understand the Middle East ... Including the Iraq Afghanistan, I spoke to the freelance journalist N, who has continued to coverage of the Middle East local. N-san, with experience that could not be arrived in Iraq at the Baghdad airport in 00 years, large-scale battle was the end of the war in Iraq. Ministry of Foreign Affairs at that time, strongly regulate the entry of Japanese to enter Iraq, because he has put pressure on the Iraqi government. N-san has been created by the occupation and the war in Iraq by Bush and [Islamic State], through the media, they are advertised as' cruel outrageous terrorist], is the imprinting, in the war on terror] that public opinion to continue Yamunashi has been made, the convenience is good for the military-industrial complex, and to point out. We have covered the controlled areas of the Islamic countries? We interviewed the Syrian civil war to the N ... 0 years. Go into Syria based in Rihaniya of Turkey, it was around the Syrian refugee camp. It was a force under the Free Syrian Army, but fierce battle with Islamic countries had been repeated.

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